5 dresses to impress him on the first date

First dates are always a special moment in every girl's life and so they just have to be right in every way possible. All the girls want their first dates to be the best and so they want to look the best. Whether you are going out with a guy whom you know well or you may not know him well, you do want to look best but also look effortless.

First dates are all about jitters and butterflies so the last thing you want to worry which western wear dress to choose. So today, we will explore 5 western wear dresses which will help you impress your first date.

The first outfit is actually a pair of fitted jeans and a t-shirt. This option is for those looking out be casual yet chic and sophisticated at the same time. You can add on a pair of high-heeled boots to give your look a classy edge. The idea behind this look is to make you feel comfortable with yourself. This look doesn’t give the impression that you’ve tried to hard yet gives the impression of being bold and beautiful.

The second outfit is for those who want to look a bit dressed up or simply flaunt your body. You can choose to put on a skirt with a nice party blouse to go with it. Choose a nice short skirt and wear black or contrasting jeggings underneath it. Do not go for a really fitted tight skirt but go for something A-line skirt which will look more flirty and fun.

The third one is for the times when you find out that you are going to a really nice dinner date or an event on your first date. For these places, you have to get a bit more dressed up, choose to wear a dress. You can either go for a black dress or a bold colored one, depending upon your personality. While choosing the right dress focus to the drapes which will make you look all the more elegant and sassy.

The fourth outfit is shorts for women. Shorts for women, when combined with a fancy top are a great option to wear when you go out for your first date. Especially when your first date is about taking a day off to some far off place or you decide to spend the day together camping. Not only are they comfortable to carry but they also look super cool and sexy when worn.

Yes, we did save the best for the last. Wearing a nice and elegant gown on your first date can never go wrong. Depending upon if you are going for lunch or dinner you can choose to wear a summery gown or an evening gown. A gown not only accentuates a woman’s body but also makes you look a class apart. Pair this outfit with a chunky piece of jewelry and you are all set for your dream date.

Try on these 5 amazing dresses and get ready to woo your first date.

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